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Frank & Amber's Adventure Elopement

Updated: Feb 19

Last Summer, Frank & Amber said their vows to each other at the foot of a gorgeous Presidential Range vista. Let's go through their timeline and demystify the process of planning something like this:

Frank & Amber's All Day Elopement

When planning this trip, Frank and Amber made it clear to me that they wanted to fill their day with adventure. They didn't have any specific ideas in mind beyond good views and great times. I Immediately pulled out my maps and started researching. After a bit of back and forth, this is what we came up with:


6:00 am Wake Up & Pack

7:00 am Depart from Home in Massachusetts

7:15 am Coffee Stop at Local Favorite

11:00 am Arrive at Waterville Valley, NH

Lunch Stop!

11:30 am Head to Yellow Jacket Trailhead

12:00 pm Begin Hike to Swimming Hole

12:30 pm Swimming & Swinging!

1:30 pm Back to the car

Depart for Campsite

2:30 pm Setup Campsite

A Moment to Relax

Get Ready for Ceremony

5:00 pm Depart for Ceremony

6:00 pm Hike to Pine Mountain

7:30 pm Vows, Ceremony, & First Kiss

8:00 pm Pop the Champagne! Celebrate!

Fun Couple's Poses

Enjoy the Sunset

9:00 pm Back to Camp for Fire, Relaxation, and a Huge Dinner!


Like I said earlier, their weren't really any initial ideas for this elopement. Frank and Amber knew they wanted to do something more intimate than a traditional wedding, and they had heard about eloping, but they didn't find much inspiration or information for elopements in the Northeast. This is where my hobby of hiking came in handy.

The White Mountains has always stuck out to me as one of the most beautiful mountainous regions in New England. They were already familiar with the area too, having visited before, so I knew this could be a great spot for their special day. I recalled an old hike I did while I was working with the Trail Crew of the AMC; Pine Mountain. It's a beautiful hidden hill with a giant bare slab of rock on the top, and it just so happens that this slab has a 180 degree view in the direction of Mt Madison and Mt Adams of the Presidential Range. When I suggested a sunset ceremony on Pine Mountain to Frank and Amber, they were immediately into it!

Great! We had the ceremony down, but this wasn't enough adventure for these two. Frank and Amber wanted to add something more to their timeline, something else they could enjoy together. This one came kind of easy too; simply asking them what other activities bring them closer resulted in an obvious choice: swimming. So I took out my maps again, and recalled all of the swimming holes I'd been to before. Frank and Amber took those suggestions into consideration, but weren't quite satisfied. I didn't like that, I wanted to give them something they'd LOVE. After a few more hours of searching the internet, I found it; the Yellow Jacket Swimming Hole with a ROPE SWING.

From there, we started filling in the gaps; favorite places for breakfast and lunch, adding in some moments to relax, and choosing what they were going to wear/bring to the ceremony. The plan was finally becoming real and excitement for this day creeped into everyone's minds.



Planning a day as adventurous as this is not hard, all you have to do is think of what you both truly enjoy doing and plop it onto a timeline. Logistics will come in at some point, but your job in the beginning stages is to dream BIG! After all, your elopement should be one of the most memorable days in your life, a pure celebration of the love between you and your partner; why not make it as unbelievably awesome as possible?

If you'd like to chat, ask questions, or maybe bounce around some ideas for an elopement timeline, visit my contact page and I'll be happy to help.


Check out the rest of my blog page for more information why eloping might be right for you.

Happy Eloping,


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