Western Massachusetts Local
Traveler & Adventurer
Self-Taught Filmmaker

I created Passenger Videography along with my good friend in 2019. Today, I lead it through every project along with my trusted team of filmmakers.

I film, direct, and edit every project we're a part of. Some project's I handle entirely by myself, but otherwise I have a team of videographers that I know and trust to help deliver a quality experience.


I've always loved the outdoors, thanks to my parents. My Dad used to take my brother and I up Mt. Washington on the summer weekends. At the same time, my Mom would take us to Sedona & Albuquerque for our family vacations. These places became very nostalgic for me, and those memories became a driving force for the rest of my life.


Eventually, I started planning the trips. I would drive up to the White Mountains on my own, each time chipping away at the list of 4000'ers. Those are all 48 White Mountains that have summits above 4000ft, and I've almost summited them all! I began expanding the scope of our family vacations too, leading us to Colorado & Utah for the first time. Today, I'm the friend that brings everyone to the edge of their comfort zones, trying new things like rock climbing, traveling to new destinations, and backpacking into deep wildernesses.

Adventure is only half of what I'm known for, the other half is filmmaking. Whenever i'm outdoors, I bring my camera. It's always in my bag, to capture every sunset, every mountain view, every moment I want to remember. It may add 20 pounds to my pack weight, but you never know when something worth capturing will happen!

For filmmaking, I got my start when I was 11. I used to take my Dad's iPhone, film my lego creations, and share them on Youtube. In Jr High, I met friends who also enjoyed making videos. We made videos for Youtube throughout the duration of High School. Some of those friends are actually a part of this business today! When they all went off to college, I was looking for my own path and decided to jump into freelance filmmaking. Being my own boss was a bumpy road that threw me off a few times, but whenever I ended up in some job that wasn't filmmaking, I just developed the urge to get back into it. 

Today, I've learned a lot from my experiences, and I'm a lot closer to that balance that keeps me from burning out. Part of that shows in this business I started. I've made a point to choose work that aligns more with my values and that is challenging and interesting. I never know who I'm going to meet, where I'm going to be, or exactly what will happen next. It's always exciting, and it's the adventure that fulfills me and fuels my creativity indefinitely.

My Personal Films

The video on the right is one I made when backpacking the Bond Range in The White Mountains, NH. 

I have a large collection of travel and adventure films on my personal YouTube channel, feel free to check them out!